The theme on a YAMAHA FJR 1300 “POLICE”

The author of idea Sergey is our regular customer. Already two bike so decorated. He also has three Honda VFR with “claws” in silver, black and cherry plastic.

Визуализация проекта стайлинга YAMAHA FJR1300
Визуализация проекта стайлинга FJR1300

The color scheme was chosen in grayscale is the most organically looks at the silver and white plastic. On motorcycles other colors (graphite, cherry, blue or black) stickers are made by default of silver or chrome. For example on its FJR1300 color of graphite Sergei we performed a set in chrome. Can be done and reflective, but it is better not to irritate the cops once again. They and on this kit nose wrinkle:)

decals YAMAHA fjr1300
Графика на мотоцикл YAMAHA FJR1300 2005
  • штатные наклейки FJR1300 и YAMAHA
  • наклейки POLICE (4шт)
  • наклейку шеврон из GTA (2 шт)
  • наклейку звезда шерифа (2шт)
  • наклейка шеврон с дубинкой
  • наклейки текст из книги пророка Иезикииля 25:17 (4шт)

POLICE stickers under the seat have a wide background area. This was done at the request of the author’s themes. The point here is that they not only decorate the bike, but also have a purely utilitarian function – protect the plastic coating from abrasion harsh pants brutal bikers.
The photo shows the third project (no longer Sergey) with our stickers on the streets of Moscow. The FJR1300 sticker on the side fairing and the round plastic label on the tank factory. Where the owner has adapted the rest of the stickers we do not know. May have sold via Amazon:)

If suddenly who not in rate, then the text from books the prophet Ezekiel 25:17 utters before, as someone to slap, Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson) in movie Tarantino “Criminal pulp fiction”

From the above it follows that if you have a YAMAHA FJR1300 2002-2005 and you still have not bought a set of stickers from us, then soon “…you will know that my name is Lord when my vengeance falls on you”
You can buy a motorcycle kit here before it’s too late.

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