Catalogue sticers fof motorcycles


Aprilia RS250 “flag of Italy”


Photos were sent to Valentin. The idea to make the inscription “Aprilia” in the colors of the Italian flag belongs to him. All the stickers under the lacquer.

По моему мнению перемудрил с наклейкой на хвосте. Замысел понятен: хотел оригинально разделить ребром цифру 250 и буквы “RS”, но от этого остальная площадь обтекателя кажется пустой. Думаю следовало всё-таки положить наклейку на большую плоскость, как это сделано в стоке. Дизайнеры Aprilia не зря же свой хлеб едят=)

Aprilia RS250 "flag of Italy"

HONDA CBR1000RR Fireblade от Stark Motors

наклейки на мотоцикл Honda CBR1000RR 2007

Photo pasted HONDA CBR1000RR Fireblade (2006-2007) threw our friends from Stark Motors. For that they once again thank you very much. Beads white, black decals, gloss vinyl is good quality – it’s simple, nothing unnecessary. Arrows on the face are located outside the box-right above the headlights, but with taste do not argue, especially since the view has become interesting.

honda cbr1000rr 2007 STARK MOTORS

“The Universal Apocalypse” YAMAHA DIVERSION 900


Diversion 900. She already did regular stickers about three years ago. This time, Alexey (the owner of the bike) decided to originate and insert a background image instead of plain standard colors. The choice fell on the apocalyptic cosmic landscapes, which is quite combined with the general brutal view of the “Diverson”.

The arrows and the inscription “Diversion” of silver metallic, which, in principle, corresponds to the factory. All under the varnish, as in the best houses in London and Philadelphia).

наклейки yamaha_diversion