Catalogue sticers fof motorcycles


Покраска шлема в “репсольные” цвета

Our constant “radio listener” Dmitry from Michnevo painted his hat in team colors “REPSOL HONDA”, stuck our stickers and recorded the whole process with the help of photography, as a responsible person.

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The theme on a YAMAHA FJR 1300 “POLICE”

The author of idea Sergey is our regular customer. Already two bike so decorated. He also has three Honda VFR with “claws” in silver, black and cherry plastic.

Визуализация проекта стайлинга YAMAHA FJR1300
Визуализация проекта стайлинга FJR1300
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Yamaha XVS Raider 1900 stickers

A set of stickers on the motorcycle Yamaha XVS Raider 1900. Very beautiful textured vinyl. Painting in the process. The batving, tank and wing are painted, the stickers are stuck. It remains to pour varnish, polish and you can go on a trip

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HONDA CBR1000RR Fireblade от Stark Motors

наклейки на мотоцикл Honda CBR1000RR 2007

Photo pasted HONDA CBR1000RR Fireblade (2006-2007) threw our friends from Stark Motors. For that they once again thank you very much. Beads white, black decals, gloss vinyl is good quality – it’s simple, nothing unnecessary. Arrows on the face are located outside the box-right above the headlights, but with taste do not argue, especially since the view has become interesting.

honda cbr1000rr 2007 STARK MOTORS



Sergey is not the first R6 glues in gold, but both previous versions were black, and this time white plastic. The basis is taken regular coloring, which went to the yellow moth in the drain. The film is special for auto-stickers. Round logo on the tank – convex, all by Feng Shui.

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